Simple Italian Sausage Soup

I started out with the intention of making Italian Wedding Soup – a broth soup with small meatballs, pasta and usually some greens. Truth is, I decided to make it on a day off and I didn’t have the greens, nor any ground meat for meatballs and I decided I didn’t want to go anywhere!

During a recent visit to Costco, I picked up a package of 20 Italian Sausages. Yeah, I know, a ton of sausage. I can always share with my daughter and freeze the rest.


  • Broth made with BTB
  • 1 Cup each – Diced Carrots, Onions Celery
  • 3 pre-cooked Italian Sausages
  • 1/2 Cup dried Orzo or other small pasta
  • 1 Cup Frozen Peas

I use Better Than Bouillon in a lot of my cooking adventures. I even found a crab flavor and I used it in Seafood Enchiladas.

I cooked 3 sausage links earlier (poke some holes in them to help release some of the fat), and when cool enough to handle, I diced them.

Then I simply diced onions, celery and carrots and simmered them in a broth (around 4 cups water with a heaping tablespoon of BTB – or to taste) until tender. Maybe halfway through, I threw the sausage in. Next step is to add the pasta. Here I used a whole-grain orzo. Lastly, I threw in about a cup of frozen peas.

I do this all the time! Too much good stuff and not enough broth! Packed and ready to go to work for the next 2 days.


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