Food Plan for 4/22/18

I shop at ALDI every week. Quality and prices are outstanding.

This is what I purchased on Saturday.

ItemCostUse this week For later
Organic Spinach1.79I'll cook this.
It will make 2 meals.
Organic Baby Lettuce1.99enough for 4 huge salads
2 - Zucchini1.591 went into the taco soup1 for the week of 4/30
Brussels Sprouts1.99For week of 4/30
Cauliflower1.79great for low carb recipesThis will keep quite awhile in the fridge
Organic Cumin1.99Pantry
Sharp Cheddar Cheese1.99Fridge for snack
2 containers - Blue Cheese4.58for saladsShould last a 3-4 weeks
Jumbo Raw Shrimp, Raw5.99Freezer for later
Maple Breakfast Sausage2.49enough for 4 breakfastsFreeze half the package
Chicken Thighs, boneless,skinless4.583 big dinners for this week
Grass Fed Ground Beef5.29Taco soup for this week

The spinach and brussels sprouts will be eaten plain with a meat, most likely the chicken thighs with a lot of spice.
Cauliflower will keep for quite awhile in the fridge. If I’m on Keto, it comes in handy.
I’ll probably make a taco soup with the ground beef.
The shrimp can stay in the freezer. Maybe work it into a curry later.
I haven’t had breakfast sausage in a long time. Could not resist! Ill have it with eggs for Sunday morning.

The organic lettuce is a staple. I finally purchased a salad spinner and it’s terrific.

Cut off the ends, spin, lay it out for about 10 more minutes and then pack it away.

I have 2 of these great keepers of this size and one smaller one that works great for cilantro, parsley or strawberries.

I may check into some recipes and find that I’m out of an ingredient and need to run to the store.
It’s going to be a beautiful day, too.  Get the bike ready for summer!

Additional Items:

ItemCostUse this weekFor later
Diced Tomatoes with Chiles5.00Used 2 cans this week2 cans for pantry
Green Enchilada Sauce1.45Pantry
2 packs Shiritaki Noodles3.38Low calorie, low carbFridge/pantry

The Enchilada sauce will be a pantry item, along with 2 additional cans of Rotel tomatoes.
The Noodles are a carb-free option with almost no calories. Just adds some bulk to soups. Nice to have in the fridge.

Another purchase on Tuesday:

ItemCostUse this weekFor later
Strawberries3.49SnackI'll bring some along on Saturday's bike ride
Tomato .85Salads
Organic Cream3.59Coffee This will last well into next week

Forming my plan for next week already. Hungarian Mushroom Soup and Moroccan Vegetable Stew.
Stay tuned!

I ran over to ALDI after work on Wednesday for some avocados. They have this great bag of 6 smaller avocados.

Picked up a few other thingsThe mushrooms will be for my soup on the weekend.

ItemCostUse this weekFor later
Bag of 6 Avocados2.99I eat these for breakfast and in salad
Green Beans .99 huge bag!
3 @ 1.59
4.77Hungarian Mushroom Soup
Glass Sports Bottle6.99water bottle for the car
Plantain Chips1.69taste like potato chipsShould last a few weeks

Food is my major expense. after housing and car expenses. Probably just like most everyone else! I’m a big fan of glass and not plastic, so another bottle is a good investment. My other glass bottle cost $20. Plantain chips are a treat. I usually buy the sweetened ones and I’m good at eating just a few. These were not sweetened and tasted like a potato chip. A small handful and back in the cupboard.

I plan on taking my granddaughter biking tomorrow and packing a lunch sounds like fun. So, off to the grocery store I go!

ItemCostUse this weekFor later
Blueberries2.69for the bike trip
Trail Mix2.19For the bike tripBuyers remorse 🙁
Bite Size Salami3.49for the bike tripGood in the fridge for a snack
Baby Bella Mushrooms1.79Additional mushrooms for the soupIt takes a lot!
Pork Butt Roast4.26Herb-encrusted pork roastMake on Sunday for weekday lunch
Baby Lettuce1.79Enough for 4 saladsI love this stuff
Wheat Crackers
Aldi brand - just like Triscuits
1.69For the bike trip
Goat Cheese Log w/Honey1.99Bike tripGranddaughter loves this

My total for the week was $91.22. This should cover well into next week.  Close to $20 of this will be pantry items that probably won’t be used until weeks later.  Around $10 will be for our lunch tomorrow.  The initial cost of$91 kind of surprised me, but all in all, it should come out to about $30-35 / week.


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