A Lot Can Happen In A Small Kitchen!

So, this is it.  The extent of my kitchen is pretty much right here in this counter space.  A lot can happen in a small space!  I don’t want to be your typical blogger and the truth is – I can’t be.  I don’t have a beautiful, large kitchen and I don’t have tons of time.  I work to make ends meet.  I don’t even have a kitchen table!  I used to have a great kitchen – 400 sq ft with an island gas range, double wall oven.  Everything you could want.  It came with an alcoholic husband.  I call that Chapter Four of my life.

I am an early riser, usually up between 5 and 6 am.  I glanced over to the kitchen and there was a very pleasing glow as the morning light came in.  It changed by the minute.  Lots of good things happen on this counter.  I have a background in catering and I owned a small restaurant.

My upgrade:  Moved the cookbooks, gave the rack to the left to my daughter and bought a small table and stools.
I also bought some plants (and they are doing well!) and make valances for the windows.

I hesitated to post these pictures.  I know they’re not the norm for a blogger, but I think this is the norm for many single women. We can be happy and content with what we have!  This is the mission of this blog.


* Coffee Shop Owner * Caterer * Tea Shop Owner * Finance Manager/Loan Officer * Government Contractor * Convenience Store Manager * Accounting Administration * Wedding Seamstress

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