We Can Be Techies, Too

Yes, even older people can be techies if they want to be.

It’s morning – the beginning of a 3-day weekend, which I am lucky enough to enjoy every weekend. As an early riser, I’m up making tea, checking email and social media.  Whole wheat blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup.

My intent today is to better understand WordPress.  The second bedroom of my apartment is my workroom.  My 30+ year-old Bernina to my left, and my Singer serger (which is currently in the shop) is to the right.  I purchased the computer on eBay a few months ago for $180.  It’s an All-in-one, which some would say “Don’t buy!”.  I love it.

Hanging patterns in the background. In front of them, on the table, is a batch of kombucha and a batch of beer brewing.  I see the mess down below and feel embarrassed, but it is what it is.  I long to get rid of “stuff”.  I have a small living space and sometimes simply don’t know what to do!

I understand that there’s a traveling PBS classical music van setting up downtown today at 1:00.  Sounds like a great thing to take in and get outside at the same time.


Here I was working in Publisher on my laptop before I got the Dell desktop shown above.  The 36″ plotter/printer is behind me as I sit and is now connected to the dell.  I purchased this on Craigslist.  The way I went about it, some would say was pure stupidity.  OK, I’ll say I was stupid, too.  But in the end, it worked out.  I had owned a 24″ plotter, same brand – HP a few years back.  When I saw this on Craigslist for $150, I assumed it was a 24″ also.  I neglected to ask the guy if it worked!  I bought it sight unseen.  He delivered it and set it up and told me he had never used it.  Bought it and couldn’t figure it out.  It took me awhile, but with the help of The Plotter Princess, I got it up and running and it works beautifully.  When it doesn’t work anymore, or I can no longer get the ink cartridges – well, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.  Kind of the story of my life.  I’ll stumble through that, too.


* Coffee Shop Owner * Caterer * Tea Shop Owner * Finance Manager/Loan Officer * Government Contractor * Convenience Store Manager * Accounting Administration * Wedding Seamstress

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