Sunday Banter 8/13/17

Here’s how I spent a somewhat rainy day in screenshots:

Adobe Photoshop

Just for fun!


Adobe Illustrator

I’ve been working in Adobe Illustrator to turn my patterns into marketable pieces.  I enjoy photography, even having my own darkroom at one time.  I bit the bullet and began a subscription to Adobe Photoshop this past weekend and have been playing in it.  At first, I just wanted to make the photos of my future patterns look good.  I’ll use it for so much more!

I don’t have any artistic abilities, but Illustrator is making my life a little easier.  I’m trying to do this project completely on my own.


This is a CAD program that also has grading capabilities.  I start with a small size.  When grading is done, I’ll print individual sizes, sew them up and fit them on a real person!

The grid is the letter-size paper.  Once I get the pattern the way I want it, I print it out on letter-size paper.  I scan each piece, and then bring it into Illustrator to create PDF files.

Back in Adobe Illustrator

A lot of work!  There can be as many as 60 sheets.  The patterns will be layered, so when they are brought into Adobe Reader, a person can turn certain sizes on and off.

And that is how I spent my day!

Oh yeah, there was that walk in the rain.  Always good food.



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