I’ve been making soap for decades.  When I sold the tea shop and moved to this area, I took along a gallon jug of olive oil. I let it sit in the garage over 2 winters.  I wasn’t sure if it would still make good soap, but to find out all I had to lose was a bit of lye.
I bought an earlier version of this book years ago:

Handmade Soap Recipe Book

There are a lot of books out there and some don’t deal with real soapmaking.

I have the basic recipe written in front.

Disclaimer:  This is not an instructional post for a novice to follow. Please, if you want to make your own soap, buy a book or study online before you start messing with lye!
I dedicate all equipment to soapmaking only.

1. Melt your fats.

2. Mix your lye and water in a stainless steel sink. This is where it gets dicey and one must be careful. The chemical reaction makes the lye water heat up extremely fast! Where goggles!

Lye for Soapmaking

3. When the fats heat up to 120°, and the lye water COOLS down to 120°, combine.
Immediately start mixing with a dedicated stick blender.

4. When ready – the great thing about using the stick blender, is it’s ready in less than 15 minutes – Scent if you wish and pour into your mold. Set in a cool dry area.

5. After 24 hours, cut and stand upright on a cooling rack. During the entire process, do not touch the soap!

6. Let sit for at least 2 weeks. I’ll let it sit for a month. Then it’s good to go!

I made 2 batches which ended up being about 30 bars. This will last for over 2 years. Soap can get better with age!
I loved the smell of this soap, but i don’t even remember what I put in it. I would love to scent my home with it! I ended up storing the soap in the garage. I notice that the garage smelled wonderful. I’m guessing it was the heat bringing it out.
I thought I would sit a bit of soap with water on my stove and realized that the soap was melting. Now I’m going to experiment with adding more water and making a liquid hand soap.




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