Food Plan For 5/27

For this week, I’m going to continue trying to use up pantry and freezer items.
I have one more boxed Food Network branded package. I’ll used the chicken tenderloins for this.
I bought 2 of these Food Network products and will probably never again! The quality is as bad as any pre-packaged dinner.
For dinner last night, I tried to air fry and oven fry some cauliflower that I purchased about 2 weeks ago for a favorite of mine – General Tsao’s Cauliflower. Trying to get away from buying any oils for frying. I wasn’t happy with the results for either. I threw the air fryer ones away. I did eat the oven fried cauliflower, but didn’t enjoy it.
Chili came out of the freezer.

ItemCostUse this weekPantry
Organic Pink Lady Apples4.99YesA few into next week
Chicken Tenderloins4.26Yes
Celery.95YesInto next week
Baby Lettuce1.79Yes
Organic Spinach1.49Yes

My hope is to make Zucchini Fritters using some of my fresh herbs.


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