Free Yoga Pant Pattern

Yoga pant pattern!  PDF format, Easy to construct. Great fit.

Yoga Pant, Sizes Small to 5X Download Here


Yardage of 60” wide fabric required:
Sizes small to 1X – 1 1/8 yards.
For the layout, cut main pieces . With remaining fabric, fold in half and cut 2 front and 2 back waistbands on the fold.

Sizes 4X & 5X – 2 yards
For the layout, you’ll fold your fabric as pictured, cutting out the main pieces. Fold the remaining piece in half and cut
out the 2 front and 2 back waistbands.

1. Sew the back and front crotch seams. Sew the inseams.
2. Sew the 2 back and front waistbands together at the side seams. sew them together along the top waistband. Using
your serger works best here for the give it will need.

3. I did not need any adjustments made to the length of the elastic. If you have full hips and a smaller waist, you may need
to cut your elastic smaller to cinch in the waist more. I have a larger belly, so the waistband, as cut, fit me perfectly. The
elastic gives it extra support. If you need to make a circle of elastic smaller than the waistband, mark your sides, center front
and center back.  Butt the edge of the elastic up against the edge of the serged top waistband. Sew down with a small zigzag stitch,
something like 2.5(length) x 2.5(width).
Fold the waistband over, pin or baste, and serge it to the body of the pant. You may want to zigzag stitch over the seam on the right side.
4. Hem. I simply serge the edge, turn it under 1/2” and sew with my straight stitch machine.


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