Food Plan for 5/6

Here we go!

ItemCostUse This WeekUse Later
Canned Diced Tomatoes - 2 cans1.98One for Cabbage RollsOne
Nakano Garlic Roasted Rice Wine Vinegar -2 bottles5.18This should last for a few months
Johnsonville Italian Sausage3.99Spaghetti!
Avocados - 21.54Salads and with eggs
Garlic.56A few weeks

On to a natural foods store. I found several things on sale that went into the pantry.

ItemCostUse This WeekSave for Later
Organic Rolled Oats2.95Use what I have first
Tasty Bite Prepared Thai Fried Rice1.69Pantry
Tasty Bite Tandoori Rice1.69Pantry
Tasty Bite Basil Chile Rice1.69Pantry
Organic Eggs3.49Mostly later
Organic Butter6.45This weekWill last for a few weeks
Canned Wild Sardines - 4 cans5.56Pantry
Organic Heavy Cream3.59This week. Will last
Sweetened Plantain Chips -2 pkgs2.58Probably not open them this week
Water refills - 4 gallons1.00This week.

These are standard items I have in my fridge almost all the time.

Another trip to Aldi
I couldn’t resist the Salmon. It was a big piece and will eat it for a few days. I love, love it cold to snack on.
Next week should be an eat-out-of-the-freezer-and-pantry week.  I’m transitioning from being on a Keto diet for 6 months to a Mediterranean WOE (way of eating).

ItemCostUse Now Save for Later
Broccoli1.79Roast it on the weekend
Fresh Green Beans1.59Now
Pepita / Pumpkin Seeds2.19Bring to workLast for a few weeks
5 lbs Apples4.99This weekAnd next!
Sugar Snap Peas2.29Delicious raw
Avocados - 62.99This week
Asparagus1.69This week
Fresh Salmon9.31This week

This was probably way too much food for one person to buy in a week. A good share of this is for the pantry, and it WILL all get used. A benefit of doing this (for me ) is to see what I’m buying more clearly and see if I need to make better choices. The reality is – I need to start eating the foods that are pantry items!

My cabbage rolls and my spaghetti with sausage has been eaten over 4 days. I’ll pack a salad with avocado and salmon for lunch. It’s excellent with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.



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