Food Plan for 5/20/18

Here goes!

ItemCostUse this WeekPantry Item
6 Avocados - bagged2.99Yes. Maybe have to do guac towards the end
Brussels Sprouts1.99Yes
Chicken Thighs5.39Yes
1 Cucumber.49Yes
Snyder's Pretzel Pieces, Honey Mustard1.79Yes. I love these and don't eat them often
Goat Cheese w/honey1.99YesWill last beyond a week
Shredded Mozarella3.29My intention is to make a cauliflower crust pizza

A shopping excursion on Saturday with a few stops:

ItemCostUse This WeekPantry
Running Total38.75
Eggs1.99yes, and into next week
Cottage Cheese4.79Yes
Greek Yogurt6.79Yes
Heavy Cream3.79Yes, probably into next week
Walnut Oil6.69Yes
2 gallons Crystal Geyser Spring Water2.18Yes
Relish1.29Making Tartar Sauce
Walleye6.04Reduced for Quick Sale, made 3 meals
French Loaf1.99

I purchased the French bread because I wanted a use for my Rosemary! My herbs have grown beyond this picture.
I love dipping bread in olive oil and fresh Rosemary. I haven’t had it in a long time.

ItemCostUse this weekPantry
Running Total43.82
Pickled Cabbage1.49Yes - looking for probiotic foods
Pickled Beets1.49Yes. I love these
Bananas1.10Yes. Having some gut problems this week
Sugar.99Yes for my LimoncelloThis will last a long time

I had purchased some lunchmeat previously. I haven’t made a sandwich in months and was craving one! Needed some cheese…

ItemCostUse this WeekPantry
Running Total50.81
Pre-packaged Cole Slaw.99Sauerkraut?
Monterey Jack Cheese2.00YesInto Next Week
Swiss Cheese2.00In the Fridge


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