Food Plan for 4/30

The start of a new week!
Most of what I bought last week is being used for lunch and dinner this week.
The soup was delicious for lunch.
The pork roast is fantastic. I’m enjoying it cold. The flavor is similar to headcheese.


ItemCostUse This WeekSave For Later
Chicken Thighs3.62Cook them Tues or Wed
4 Organic Avocados 4.89Breakfasts & Salads
Mini Sweet Peppers2.39SnacksShould last into next week
Organic Baby Lettuce1.79SaladsLast into next week.

I bought an older model of an air fryer. I’ve found that chicken thighs work beautifully in it.  I whipped these up on Wednesday after work. The excess fat drains to the bottom. Easy to clean up. This is a curry rub that’s delicious!

Salad on Thursday night:

It’s Friday and the only additional food purchase I’ve made is an organic Pink Lady apple.  I didn’t realize until I got home that I paid $2.11 for one apple!


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