Customizing Your Free T Shirt Pattern

I’ve had this material for years, maybe even decades.

I made the T-shirt as instructed, with a 1″ neckband.  All finished.  I could have put it in the closet, but i wanted to do something special with it.   I marked 1 1/2″ below the seam for the neckband and cut it off.

I measured around the neckline and subtracted 3″.  This material is very stretchy.  If it wasn’t, I would have subtracted about 1 1/2″.  With that measurement, I made a band that was 6″ wide.  Mark the center front, and make two 1/2″ buttonholes, 1″ apart, about 1/2″ below the fold line.  Sew the seam on the short ends, which is your center back.  Fold the band in half, and pin at front, back and sides.  I ran my tie through the neckband before I pinned and sewed it to the top, but you don’t have to. Serge around the neck.

I also made a sweatshirt-type front pocket.  I made a bottom band and sleeve bands, also 6″ wide (folded over and seamed, this is a band about 2 3/4″ wide).

The sleeve of this top can be tapered for a more snug fit.  In this case, I shortened the sleeve 3″ to accommodate the band, and gathered it a bit.

I finished the tie with beads.


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2 thoughts on “Customizing Your Free T Shirt Pattern

  1. Hi! Gloria, I saw your comment on curvy sewing collective and came to check out your blog! I love it and bookmarked it. I’m so envious of all your talents! As far as lives we couldn’t be more different! :o) But we are close in age. I’m 60 and my husband is 63. He filed for Soc Sec last June. I may go on disability soon, if my health doesn’t take an up-turn :o) So far so good! (I’m an optimist!) We too have down sized a lot from just 5 years ago.
    I’ll be stopping by often! (((HUGS)))

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