Biking with Lizzy

I enjoy getting out on my bike in the summer. I am about a mile away from Gooseberry Park, where I can cross a bike/walking bridge over to Lindewood. The paths are all paved and it’s an easy 30-40 minute ride.

Gooseberry has dirt mountain biking trails that I often take on my way back home. I stay on the safe side, for sure! I ride at an easy pace and stay away from anything made for the younger more agile people.

So, here we are at the beginning of another summer and another stretch of days for adventure on my terms. No, I won’t be jetting off to Paris. Those types of adventures are not in the cards for me.

Last Saturday, I packed a picnic lunch of cheese, crackers and fruit and loaded my bike on the car. I stopped and picked up Lizzy and her bike and headed over to some paved bike paths down her way.

She wants to do this every weekend. Well, we’ll see.  With my new schedule starting next week, I’ll have Wednesdays too!

Here’s one of our stops:


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