A Walk in the Park

I’ve scheduled my work days so I don’t have to go in to work until 1:00 pm on Mondays.
My intentions are to camp sometimes on Sunday night, when the parks have more room. I don’t book far in advance and the Minnesota State Parks are all pretty well filled up on Friday and Saturdays.
When I went over on Sunday afternoon, there was plenty of sunshine and I got in some swimming before heading back to the campsite to start my fire for supper.
I had one potato and green beans that I picked up at the farmers market the day before. Wrapped in foil and thrown on the grate over the fire.

The rain started about 7 and it poured! At first I was disappointed, but then I got into the rain beating down on the tent and simply settled in with a book.

The next morning I was out on the trails by 6 a.m.  Very heavy fog and it was absolutely beautiful!


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