Before That Fall Happens…

Here’s an article from Silver Sneakers, a website that’s a free fitness program for seniors that shares 6 tips to prevent falls at home. It’s not just at home that we fall, and it’s not just people over 65.

I have a tendency to rush through things. That’s when accidents happen. 20 years ago, I was trimming bushes in front of my house. I set the aluminum ladder where I needed it, but it wasn’t on level ground; It had a slight twist to it. I went up anyway. I thought – just this one last snip and I’m done. I was done all right! Flat on the ground. My knee swelled within minutes. 3 years ago, I fell skiing. My daughter worked at a ski resort and thought it would be great to give me beginning skiing lessons. It WAS great, but I had no business on skis. Skiing requires two equal and strong legs. After 1 1/2 years, and lots of pain, I had a knee replacement.

In 2011, when I owned my coffee shop, I was angry with my employees. I kept it to myself and I think my state of mind led to another fall, down on my shoulder. That led to rotator cuff surgery.

In 2012, I fell at home (I was doing something too fast) and broke my foot!

These aren’t my only falls. I think people of all ages fall all the time. All it takes is to fall once a year, and all THAT takes is one of those falls to be very serious.

Preventing Falls

One thing I’d add to the list – be more mindful (if you read my fall history above, you’ll see I wasn’t mindful – nice way of saying I was stupid), more deliberate in your movements and slow down, especially if you’ve been one of those rushy-rushy people all your lives!




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