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A Collection of Life Experiences 

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Most of us live out our lives without our story being told. Come along for the ride as I navigate the world as a single older female, living paycheck to paycheck in a small apartment. This is real, folks. At times, I’ve lived a “hard knock”life -experiences that were life changing. Living courageously can be daunting, but also a beautiful thing. It can create stories, that’s for sure. Sometimes bad choices simply make good stories!

Check out my categories on the right. Some are self explanatory.  Thriving Thursday is where you’ll find my thoughts on working through issues that I face – financial, career, relationships, dealing with my past, facing the future, etc.

My goal is to create, what for now will be a third stream of income.  I opted for early Social Security and I work 20 – 30 hours a week in accounting. I am looking at what my income will be like at 70, 75 and beyond – meaning SS and something that I create on my own.

I’m drafting sewing patterns in a program called PatterMaker, which is a CAD (computer aided drafting) program. The learning curve was steep.  I bring the graded (making the same pattern in different sizes) patterns into Adobe Illustrator so I can turn them into downloadable PDF documents.  Can I sell things on Etsy? How about a booth at a Farmer’s Market? I have ideas. Let’s see if I can turn them into a viable reality for me!

I play with Photoshop. Major learning curve there, too.  Of course, there’s learning WordPress for the very blog itself!

I’ve been waiting to be “ready”.   

You know how that goes.