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A Collection of Life Experiences 

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Most of us live out our lives without our story being told. Come along for the ride as I navigate the world as a single older female, living paycheck to paycheck in a small apartment. This is real, folks.

Check out my categories on the right. If recipes interest you, I’ll build a library of them. If you want to know what I spend on a limited income, check out the Financial category.

Living courageously can be daunting, but also a beautiful thing. It can create stories, that’s for sure. Sometimes bad choices simply make good stories!

My goal is to create, what for now will be a third stream of income.  I opted for early Social Security and I work 20 – 30 hours a week in accounting. I am looking at what my income will be like at 70, 75 and beyond – meaning SS and something that I create on my own.

I’m drafting sewing patterns in a program called PatterMaker, which is a CAD (computer aided drafting) program. The learning curve was steep.  I bring the graded (making the same pattern in different sizes) patterns into Adobe Illustrator so I can turn them into downloadable PDF documents.  I play with Photoshop. Major learning curve there, too.  Of course, there’s learning WordPress for the very blog itself!

I’ve been waiting to be “ready”.   

You know how that goes.